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I would have to say the biggest change in real estate is reflective of the overall cultural change to a “self service” mentality. Every person now seems to think they are an expert in everything! Need an oil change? Google it. Need to repair your printer? Google it. Wanna learn to dance? Google it. Want to buy a house? Google it. We’ve become a society of Jack/Jane-of-all-trades, master of none. Young people act as if they have the knowledge of their elders, yet in reality they are wildly naive about how things actually work. We have the internet to thank for this phenomenon.

I don’t dislike the internet, but much like doctors don’t like patients who are already self-diagnosed before they are seen, I prefer to work with clients who approach a transaction with an open mind and are ready to heed professional advice or at least discuss why they are leaning against it. If there is one thing younger people should learn about tech, it is this; all the tech in the world cannot replace the experience and care from a decent and intelligent human being. Particularly in real estate, where problem-solving skills are at the top of those required to be successful as a Realtor AND as a home buyer or seller.

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