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Why is it necessary for someone to have their own deed/title for real estate? Can’t they inherit it from their parents or grandparents?

In the U.S., when a land/property owner dies and someone inherits the property, proper practice is for the estate to be settled. If the decedent has a will, the will names a Petsonal Representative to handle the estate and issue a deed for the real property. If there was no will, a probate court needs to assign a representative to handle these tasks. The reason for all this is simple: if a person inherits a property, and later wishes to sell it, it will be virtually unsalable if title remains in the name of the deceased, meaning the property now has a clouded (unmarketable) title. When real property is sold, a deed must be signed from current owner to the next owner. Obviously, deceased persons cannot sign a deed. A Personal Representative’s Deed is the legal equivalent of a deed signed by a living seller or gifter of property. This may seem unimportant but it is a matter of law. Like many things in real estate, if you don’t understand the laws it’s best to get help from a licensed real estate agent and an attorney. I have dealt with these kinds of issues in the course of my business and they are not easy, fast, or inexpensive to fix.

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