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I want to know what course I should be taking to be a real estate lawyer. I’m thinking of accountancy and later on will be taking law. What are some suggestions (just a 16-year-old teen who’s studying hard)?

This answer is for the U.S. only. If you are outside the U.S., I don’t have enough specific experience to answer your question.

In my opinion, accountancy will not be of great benefit to you in either law or real estate. A better option would be to study general Business and/or Real Estate and Construction Management as an undergrad, and then go on to law school.

The best real estate attorneys I know, have both law degrees/licenses, and have spent many years learning real estate law and practice, including brokerage law. The field of real estate law is large, covering everything from land entitlements (development) to sales/resales of real property. You need to get experience in several to know which is most of interest to you. At age 18, you can obtain a license to sell real estate, which will help you understand more about real estate in general. It could be a great career path while you are at university as an undergrad and while you are getting your law degree. That (real estate) experience will help to inform your later choices and it could provide a good part-time and/or summer income while you are a full-time student.

A real estate attorney who has worked as a real estate agent/broker, and who has an undergraduate degree in business or real estate, would be a powerhouse in the field of real estate law.

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