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We bought a house but haven’t closed yet. Is it appropriate to ask the sellers to stop smoking in the home? Should we have put it in the offer to purchase?

Oh dear.

I’ve walked into homes that sat vacant for months and still smelled of the smoke the previous occupants produced. It takes more than just removing the source of the smell (smokers) for a couple of weeks. You have to take real actions to get rid of the smell of smoke. Remove carpets and draperies, paint all walls, clean or replace other surfaces, get rid of all upholstered furniture and any other cloth such as linens, towels, bedding, clothing, etc.

When you made your offer, you did so knowing people were smoking there. It is not appropriate to ask them to stop. It might have been appropriate to ask for a repair credit at time of offer, and you might also be able to do that after inspection.

Why aren’t you asking your real estate agent these questions? You do have an agent helping you, right?

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